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Home Inspections Woodland – Home Inspections are critical when buying or selling a home. There are many things to consider when buying or selling a home. One of the most important factors is a realistic assessment of the condition of the home, which may not always be readily apparent. With a comprehensive inspection that includes full and honest disclosure, you are best prepared to complete your transaction with confidence.

For thorough, experienced home inspections, rely on Thompson Home Inspection, Inc. Since 1987, our locally owned and operated company has given thousands of clients detailed home inspection services adhering to ASHI standards that have provided safety and peace of mind when purchasing or selling a home.

You’re encouraged to attend the home inspection

Our added value is what we can disclose to you. Our goal is your peace of mind in knowing your home inside and out. We encourage you to become informed and involved.

We will thoroughly examine the interior and exterior of your home. Though not mandatory, we encourage you to attend the home inspection and see for yourself how all of these components function and perform. In doing so, you will be better educated about the report and can address any issues you become aware of along the way. After your inspection is complete, we will create a custom report detailing our findings. In most cases you receive your report within 24-48 hours after leaving the property.

Knowledge is power, and no question is too small. We will partner with you to help make buying or selling a home a confident and well-informed experience. Call today to speak with a thorough home inspector at Thompson Home Inspection, Inc.

Make Sure Your Residential Property Is Safe

Have all the information you need about your home with meticulous services from Thompson Home Inspection, Inc. Our inspector relies on 30 years of experience to examine your space inside and out.

We’ll check all of the major systems in your home, including the:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning

Once your inspection is complete, you’ll receive an electronic report detailing our findings. Your report will be easy to understand and arrive in 24 to 48 hours. Call 408-774-1900 now to schedule a consultation.

Employ a skilled inspector to go over your home

Thompson Home Inspection is the preferred choice in the Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento, North Sacramento and Sacramento, CA area for meticulous home inspections. In addition to traditional home inspection services, our inspector also conducts HUD, mobile home and 203(k) inspections.

Rest easy knowing you have all the facts about your property. Request your residential inspection from Thompson Home Inspection today.

David Thompson, Home Inspector

When it comes to reliability, safety and overall value, we know that every component of a home is valued. As fully licensed inspectors, we thoroughly inspect your home and report all deficiencies found in the inspection process according to current American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standards.

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